28 Jul

Dog obedience training is a form of behavior modification that teaches dogs to perform specific tasks or activities. The method is based on environmental events, antecedents and consequences. The goal of dog training is to change the dog's behaviors so that they fit into daily life. During training, the dog must learn to be respectful of its human family and other dogs. For this reason, obedience training is a critical part of raising a well-behaved pet. During early training at this site, dogs are not as eager to learn commands that require them to stay in one place. 

Early training can build a strong bond between the two of you and help to imprint certain skills in their mind. However, not all dogs work for food; some love playtime, toys, or grooming. Therefore, it is necessary to find out what is the highest value reward for your dog. Once you have determined this, you can use different rewards for different behaviors. For instance, if your puppy consistently focuses on the recall cue, it should be rewarded with the highest-value treat. 

In addition to rewarding good behavior, training your puppy does not have to be a serious undertaking. Once your dog has mastered sitting, it can move on to the next step, which is the lie-down command. You can give your dog a treat for lying down when they respond to the command. Once they learn to lie down, they will respond positively to the word "down" when you put a treat in front of them. Another helpful exercise is "stay." The stay command is useful in calming down an excited dog. This command is also helpful when you need to use the dog during a stressful situation. Know more about dogs at http://www.ehow.com/how_5866877_build-modern-boarding-kennel-alternative.html. Throughout the class, be prepared to take care of your dog. Trying to control your dog in a class is daunting, but you will be more successful if you stick with it. If your dog is distracted, try presenting a new chew to him while you listen to the instructor. A large positive reinforcement, paired with a new treat, will help your dog remember the lesson. Moreover, your dog will learn to associate the behavior with a giant positive in his life - you. Get additional reading here! 

To gauge your dog's progress, try to record a video of every training session. This way, you can catch mistakes or missteps. Eventually, you'll find yourself glued to the video and want to continue training. In the meantime, try to keep the sessions as fun as possible, and don't get frustrated if the dog doesn't respond as you expect it to. The goal is to create a routine that is fun and rewarding for both of you. Dog obedience training is essential if you want your pet to get along with other people and live a life with you. While it may seem daunting at first, it will help you and your dog enjoy each other in the future. By beginning training as early as possible, you will set the foundation for good behavior, and you'll have the skills you need to guide your dog on the way to graduation. The process will be fun and educational for you and your pet!

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